mshadow Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for mshadow:


directory  extension
directory  packet


file  base.h [code]
file  bfloat.h [code]
 definition of bfloat type.
file  dot_engine-inl.h [code]
 definitions of how Matrix Multiplications can be evaluated
file  expr_engine-inl.h [code]
 definitions of how expressions should be evaluated
file  expr_scalar-inl.h [code]
 definitions of operators in expression with respect to scalar this file will be included several times, each time with MACRO MSHADOW_SCALAR_ to be different types
file  expression.h [code]
 definitions of abstract expressions and expressions template
file  extension.h [code]
 some extension of expressions, used to support something beyond elementwise op
file  half.h [code]
 definition of half (float16) type.
file  half2.h [code]
 definition of vector float16, half2 type.
file  io.h [code]
file  packet-inl.h [code]
 Generic packet vectorization code.
file  random.h [code]
 Random inline functions for tensor.
file  stream_gpu-inl.h [code]
 implementation of GPU code
file  tensor.h [code]
 header file of tensor data structure and functions This lib requires explicit memory allocation and de-allocation all the data structure Tensor<cpu,1>, Tensor<gpu,1> are like handles(pointers), no memory allocation is happening during calculation
file  tensor_container.h [code]
 tensor container that does memory allocation and resize like STL
file  tensor_cpu-inl.h [code]
 implementation of CPU host code
file  tensor_gpu-inl.h [code]
 implementation of GPU host code