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mxnet::ResourceManager Class Referenceabstract

Global resource manager. More...

#include <resource.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual Resource Request (Context ctx, const ResourceRequest &req)=0
 Get resource of requested type. More...
virtual void SeedRandom (uint32_t seed)=0
 Seed all the allocated random numbers. More...
virtual ~ResourceManager () DMLC_THROW_EXCEPTION
 virtual destructor More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ResourceManagerGet ()

Detailed Description

Global resource manager.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual mxnet::ResourceManager::~ResourceManager ( )

virtual destructor

Member Function Documentation

static ResourceManager* mxnet::ResourceManager::Get ( )
Resource manager singleton.
virtual Resource mxnet::ResourceManager::Request ( Context  ctx,
const ResourceRequest req 
pure virtual

Get resource of requested type.

ctxthe context of the request.
reqthe resource request.
the requested resource.
The returned resource's ownership is still hold by the manager singleton.
virtual void mxnet::ResourceManager::SeedRandom ( uint32_t  seed)
pure virtual

Seed all the allocated random numbers.

seedthe seed to the random number generators on all devices.

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