split_data(data, num_slice[, batch_axis, …])

Splits an NDArray into num_slice slices along batch_axis.

split_and_load(data, ctx_list[, batch_axis, …])

Splits an NDArray into len(ctx_list) slices along batch_axis and loads each slice to one context in ctx_list.

clip_global_norm(arrays, max_norm[, …])

Rescales NDArrays so that the sum of their 2-norm is smaller than max_norm.

check_sha1(filename, sha1_hash)

Check whether the sha1 hash of the file content matches the expected hash.

download(url[, path, overwrite, sha1_hash, …])

Download a given URL

replace_file(src, dst)

Implement atomic os.replace with linux and OSX.