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pass_functions.h File Reference

Pass functions that simply redirect the calls to ApplyPass. More...

#include <string>
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
#include <utility>
#include "base.h"
#include "pass.h"
#include "graph_attr_types.h"
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Graph nnvm::pass::LoadJSON (const std::string &json_str)
 Load a graph from JSON string, redirects to "LoadJSON" pass. More...
std::string nnvm::pass::SaveJSON (Graph graph)
 Save a graph to json, redirects to "SaveJSON" pass. More...
std::string nnvm::pass::PrintGraphIR (Graph graph)
 Print graph ir. More...
Graph nnvm::pass::OrderMutation (Graph src)
 Add control flow dependencies between nodes. More...
Graph nnvm::pass::InferShape (Graph graph, ShapeVector shape_inputs, std::string shape_attr_key="")
 Infer shapes in the graph given the information. More...
Graph nnvm::pass::InferType (Graph graph, DTypeVector dtype_inputs, std::string dtype_attr_key="")
 Infer types in the graph given the information. More...
Graph nnvm::pass::PlaceDevice (Graph graph, std::string device_group_attr_key, DeviceAssignMap device_assign_map, std::string device_copy_op)
 Place the devices for each operator in the graph. More...
Graph nnvm::pass::Gradient (Graph graph, std::vector< NodeEntry > ys, std::vector< NodeEntry > xs, std::vector< NodeEntry > ys_out_grad, std::function< NodeEntry(std::vector< NodeEntry > &&inputs)> aggregate_fun=nullptr, std::function< int(const Node &node)> mirror_fun=nullptr, std::function< NodeEntry(const NodeEntry &src, const NodeEntry &like)> attr_hint_fun=nullptr, std::vector< const Op * > zero_ops=std::vector< const Op * >(), std::string copy_op_str=std::string())
 Get the gradient graph whose outputs are gradients of xs wrt to ys. More...

Detailed Description

Pass functions that simply redirect the calls to ApplyPass.

This file serves as documentation on how to use functions implemented in "src/pass". It is totally optional to add these functions when you add a new pass, since ApplyPass can be directly called.