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one_hot.h File Reference

Create one-hot indicator array based on the index. More...

#include "../extension.h"
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struct  mshadow::expr::OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType >
 Create a one-hot indicator array. More...
struct  mshadow::expr::Plan< OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType >, DType >
struct  mshadow::expr::ShapeCheck< dim, OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType > >
struct  mshadow::expr::ExpInfo< OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType > >


 overloaded + operator between half_t and bf16_t
 namespace for abstract expressions and expressions template, have no dependency on tensor.h, These data structure takes no charge in computations, they are only used to define operations and represent expression in a symbolic way


template<typename IndexExp , typename IDType , int e1>
OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, default_real_t > mshadow::expr::one_hot_encode (const Exp< IndexExp, IDType, e1 > &index, index_t num_choices)
template<typename IndexExp , typename DType >
Plan< OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType >, DType > mshadow::expr::MakePlan (const OneHotEncodeExp< IndexExp, DType > &exp)

Detailed Description

Create one-hot indicator array based on the index.

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