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6 #ifndef DLPACK_DLPACK_H_
7 #define DLPACK_DLPACK_H_
9 #ifdef __cplusplus
10 #define DLPACK_EXTERN_C extern "C"
11 #else
12 #define DLPACK_EXTERN_C
13 #endif
16 #define DLPACK_VERSION 020
19 #ifdef _WIN32
21 #define DLPACK_DLL __declspec(dllexport)
22 #else
23 #define DLPACK_DLL __declspec(dllimport)
24 #endif
25 #else
26 #define DLPACK_DLL
27 #endif
29 #include <stdint.h>
30 #include <stddef.h>
32 #ifdef __cplusplus
33 extern "C" {
34 #endif
38 typedef enum {
40  kDLCPU = 1,
42  kDLGPU = 2,
49  kDLOpenCL = 4,
51  kDLVulkan = 7,
53  kDLMetal = 8,
55  kDLVPI = 9,
57  kDLROCM = 10,
63  kDLExtDev = 12,
64 } DLDeviceType;
69 typedef struct {
73  int device_id;
74 } DLContext;
79 typedef enum {
80  kDLInt = 0U,
81  kDLUInt = 1U,
82  kDLFloat = 2U,
83  kDLBfloat = 4U,
94 typedef struct {
100  uint8_t code;
104  uint8_t bits;
106  uint16_t lanes;
107 } DLDataType;
112 typedef struct {
132  void* data;
136  int ndim;
140  int64_t* shape;
145  int64_t* strides;
147  uint64_t byte_offset;
148 } DLTensor;
157 typedef struct DLManagedTensor {
163  void * manager_ctx;
169  void (*deleter)(struct DLManagedTensor * self);
171 #ifdef __cplusplus
173 #endif
174 #endif // DLPACK_DLPACK_H_
Definition: dlpack.h:57
Definition: dlpack.h:83
Definition: dlpack.h:81
Pinned CUDA GPU device by cudaMallocHost.
Definition: dlpack.h:47
A Device context for Tensor and operator.
Definition: dlpack.h:69
void(* deleter)(struct DLManagedTensor *self)
Destructor signature void (*)(void*) - this should be called to destruct manager_ctx which holds the ...
Definition: dlpack.h:169
OpenCL devices.
Definition: dlpack.h:49
Definition: dlpack.h:80
Definition: dlpack.h:82
struct DLManagedTensor DLManagedTensor
C Tensor object, manage memory of DLTensor. This data structure is intended to facilitate the borrowi...
uint8_t code
Type code of base types. We keep it uint8_t instead of DLDataTypeCode for minimal memory footprint...
Definition: dlpack.h:100
int device_id
The device index.
Definition: dlpack.h:73
CPU device.
Definition: dlpack.h:40
Metal for Apple GPU.
Definition: dlpack.h:53
C Tensor object, manage memory of DLTensor. This data structure is intended to facilitate the borrowi...
Definition: dlpack.h:157
Vulkan buffer for next generation graphics.
Definition: dlpack.h:51
uint8_t bits
Number of bits, common choices are 8, 16, 32.
Definition: dlpack.h:104
DLTensor dl_tensor
DLTensor which is being memory managed.
Definition: dlpack.h:159
int64_t * strides
strides of the tensor (in number of elements, not bytes) can be NULL, indicating tensor is compact an...
Definition: dlpack.h:145
DLDataType dtype
The data type of the pointer.
Definition: dlpack.h:138
The device type in DLContext.
Definition: dlpack.h:38
DLDeviceType device_type
The device type used in the device.
Definition: dlpack.h:71
The type code options DLDataType.
Definition: dlpack.h:79
int ndim
Number of dimensions.
Definition: dlpack.h:136
void * data
The opaque data pointer points to the allocated data. This will be CUDA device pointer or cl_mem hand...
Definition: dlpack.h:132
void * manager_ctx
the context of the original host framework of DLManagedTensor in which DLManagedTensor is used in the...
Definition: dlpack.h:163
DLContext ctx
The device context of the tensor.
Definition: dlpack.h:134
CUDA GPU device.
Definition: dlpack.h:42
Reserved extension device type, used for quickly test extension device The semantics can differ depen...
Definition: dlpack.h:63
int64_t * shape
The shape of the tensor.
Definition: dlpack.h:140
The data type the tensor can hold.
Definition: dlpack.h:94
uint16_t lanes
Number of lanes in the type, used for vector types.
Definition: dlpack.h:106
Plain C Tensor object, does not manage memory.
Definition: dlpack.h:112
uint64_t byte_offset
The offset in bytes to the beginning pointer to data.
Definition: dlpack.h:147
Verilog simulator buffer.
Definition: dlpack.h:55