dmlc Directory Reference


file  any.h [code]
 Container to hold any data type.
file  array_view.h [code]
 Read only data structure to reference array.
file  base.h [code]
file  blockingconcurrentqueue.h [code]
file  build_config_default.h [code]
 Default detection logic for fopen64 and other symbols. May be overriden by CMake.
file  common.h [code]
 defines some common utility function.
file  concurrency.h [code]
 thread-safe data structures.
file  concurrentqueue.h [code]
file  config.h [code]
 defines config parser class
file  data.h [code]
 defines common input data structure, and interface for handling the input data
file  endian.h [code]
 Endian testing, need c++11.
file  filesystem.h [code]
 Utilities to manipulate files.
file  input_split_shuffle.h [code]
 base class to construct input split with global shuffling
file  io.h [code]
file  json.h [code]
 Lightweight JSON Reader/Writer that read save into C++ data structs. This includes STL composites and structures.
file  lua.h [code]
 C++11 header only interface to easily interact with Lua and Torch. This code is evolved from torch plugin code for MXNet.
file  memory.h [code]
file  memory_io.h [code]
 defines binary serialization class to serialize things into/from memory region.
file  omp.h [code]
 header to handle OpenMP compatibility issues
file  optional.h [code]
 Container to hold optional data.
file  parameter.h [code]
 Provide lightweight util to do parameter setup and checking.
file  recordio.h [code]
 recordio that is able to pack binary data into a splittable format, useful to exchange data in binary serialization, such as binary raw data or protobuf
file  registry.h [code]
file  serializer.h [code]
 serializer template class that helps serialization. This file do not need to be directly used by most user.
file  strtonum.h [code]
 A faster implementation of strtof and strtod.
file  thread_group.h [code]
 Thread and synchronization primitives and lifecycle management.
file  thread_local.h [code]
 Portable thread local storage.
file  threadediter.h [code]
 thread backed iterator that can be used to implement general thread-based pipeline such as prefetch and pre-computation To use the functions in this header, C++11 is required
file  timer.h [code]
 cross platform timer for timing
file  type_traits.h [code]
 type traits information header