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mxnet::runtime::SliceObj Class Reference

Slice. More...

#include <ffi_helper.h>

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Public Member Functions

- Public Member Functions inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
uint32_t type_index () const
std::string GetTypeKey () const
size_t GetTypeKeyHash () const
template<typename TargetType >
bool IsInstance () const
 Object ()
 Object (const Object &other)
 Object (Object &&other)
Objectoperator= (const Object &other)
Objectoperator= (Object &&other)

Public Attributes

int64_t start
int64_t stop
int64_t step

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr const uint32_t _type_index = TypeIndex::kSlice
static constexpr const char * _type_key = "MXNet.Slice"
- Static Public Attributes inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
static constexpr const char * _type_key = "Object"
static constexpr bool _type_final = false
static constexpr uint32_t _type_child_slots = 0
static constexpr bool _type_child_slots_can_overflow = true
static constexpr uint32_t _type_index = TypeIndex::kDynamic

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
typedef void(* FDeleter) (Object *self)
 Object deleter. More...
using RefCounterType = std::atomic< int32_t >
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
static MXNET_DLL std::string TypeIndex2Key (uint32_t tindex)
 Get the type key of the corresponding index from runtime. More...
static MXNET_DLL size_t TypeIndex2KeyHash (uint32_t tindex)
 Get the type key hash of the corresponding index from runtime. More...
static MXNET_DLL uint32_t TypeKey2Index (const std::string &key)
 Get the type index of the corresponding key from runtime. More...
static uint32_t _GetOrAllocRuntimeTypeIndex ()
static uint32_t RuntimeTypeIndex ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
void IncRef ()
 developer function, increases reference counter. More...
void DecRef ()
 developer function, decrease reference counter. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
static MXNET_DLL uint32_t GetOrAllocRuntimeTypeIndex (const std::string &key, uint32_t static_tindex, uint32_t parent_tindex, uint32_t type_child_slots, bool type_child_slots_can_overflow)
 Get the type index using type key. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from mxnet::runtime::Object
uint32_t type_index_ {0}
 Type index(tag) that indicates the type of the object. More...
RefCounterType ref_counter_ {0}
 The internal reference counter. More...
FDeleter deleter_ = nullptr
 deleter of this object to enable customized allocation. If the deleter is nullptr, no deletion will be performed. The creator of the object must always set the deleter field properly. More...

Detailed Description


Member Function Documentation

mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::MXNET_DECLARE_FINAL_OBJECT_INFO ( SliceObj  ,

Member Data Documentation

constexpr const uint32_t mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::_type_index = TypeIndex::kSlice
constexpr const char* mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::_type_key = "MXNet.Slice"
int64_t mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::start
int64_t mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::step
int64_t mxnet::runtime::SliceObj::stop

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