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mxnet::FloatImm Class Reference

Managed reference class to FloatImmNode. More...

#include <expr.h>

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Public Types

using ContainerType = FloatImmNode
 type indicate the container type More...
- Public Types inherited from mxnet::PrimExpr
using ContainerType = PrimExprNode
 The container type. More...
- Public Types inherited from mxnet::BaseExpr
using ContainerType = BaseExprNode
 The container type. More...

Public Member Functions

 FloatImm ()
 Constructor. More...
 FloatImm (runtime::ObjectPtr< Object > node)
 constructor from node. More...
MXNET_DLL FloatImm (MXNetDataType dtype, double value)
 Constructor. More...
const FloatImmNodeoperator-> () const
 Get pointer to the container. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mxnet::PrimExpr
 PrimExpr ()
 Cosntructor. More...
 PrimExpr (runtime::ObjectPtr< Object > ptr)
 Cosntructor from object ptr. More...
MXNET_DLL PrimExpr (int32_t value)
 construct from integer. More...
MXNET_DLL PrimExpr (float value)
 construct from float. More...
MXNET_DLL PrimExpr (std::string str)
 construct from string. More...
MXNetDataType dtype () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from mxnet::BaseExpr
 BaseExpr ()
 Cosntructor. More...
 BaseExpr (runtime::ObjectPtr< Object > ptr)
 Cosntructor from object ptr. More...

Detailed Description

Managed reference class to FloatImmNode.

See also

Member Typedef Documentation

type indicate the container type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mxnet::FloatImm::FloatImm ( )


mxnet::FloatImm::FloatImm ( runtime::ObjectPtr< Object >  node)

constructor from node.

MXNET_DLL mxnet::FloatImm::FloatImm ( MXNetDataType  dtype,
double  value 


dtypeThe data type of the value.
valueThe internal value.

Member Function Documentation

const FloatImmNode* mxnet::FloatImm::operator-> ( ) const

Get pointer to the container.

The pointer.

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