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 NdmlcNamespace for dmlc
 NmshadowNamespace for mshadow
 NmxnetNamespace of mxnet
 CDLContextA Device context for Tensor and operator
 CDLDataTypeThe data type the tensor can hold
 CDLManagedTensorC Tensor object, manage memory of DLTensor. This data structure is intended to faciliate the borrowing of DLTensor by another framework. It is not meant to transfer the tensor. When the borrowing framework doesn't need the tensor, it should call the deleter to notify the host that the resource is no longer needed
 CDLTensorPlain C Tensor object, does not manage memory
 Cmkldnn_batch_normalization_desc_tA descriptor of a Batch Normalization operation
 Cmkldnn_convolution_desc_tA descriptor of a convolution operation
 Cmkldnn_eltwise_desc_tA descriptor of a element-wise operation
 Cmkldnn_engineAn opaque structure to describe an engine
 Cmkldnn_inner_product_desc_tA descriptor of an inner product operation
 Cmkldnn_lrn_desc_tA descriptor of a Local Response Normalization (LRN) operation
 Cmkldnn_memory_extra_desc_tDescription of extra information stored in memory
 Cmkldnn_pooling_desc_tA descriptor of a pooling operation
 Cmkldnn_post_opsAn opaque structure for a chain of post operations
 Cmkldnn_primitive_attrAn opaque structure for primitive descriptor attributes
 Cmkldnn_primitive_descAn opaque structure to describe a primitive descriptor
 Cmkldnn_primitive_desc_iteratorAn opaque structure to describe a primitive descriptor iterator
 Cmkldnn_rnn_desc_tA descriptor for an RNN operation
 Cmkldnn_rnn_packed_desc_tDescription of tensor of packed weights for rnn
 Cmkldnn_shuffle_desc_tA descriptor of a shuffle operation
 Cmkldnn_softmax_desc_tA descriptor of a Softmax operation
 Cmkldnn_version_tVersion type
 Cmkldnn_wino_desc_tDescription of tensor of weights for winograd 2x3 convolution